'Gentlefan' give Man U supporters a warm welcome in Moscow

Manchester United fan 2 (English): «They are not as bad as what people make them out to be, there is English fans who are scared to come over to your country because of what you do at the Euros but it's far from it. Manchester United fan (English): «World Cup come next year, will be fantastic! Journalist (English): «You're ready to come?» Manchester United fan 2 (English): «Nothing will... Еще deter us from coming over. We want to support our team, we want to support our country and nothing will ever stop us from doing it. Manchester United fan (English): «We just love United and Russian fans are very welcome.» Russians gave a warm welcome to scores of English soccer fans arriving in Moscow to watch the game between Manchester United and CSKA Moscow on Wednesday. 'Gentlefan — Russian Warm Welcome' initiative met with a generous response from the country's soccer fans who volunteered to welcome ManUnited supporters in Russian capital. Volunteers gave away raincoats ahead of the match and assisted fans in navigating around the stadium. Some of Manchester United fans spoke out, «[It was] a very warm welcome by the Russian fans so very nice. As a United fan travelling world wide to attend a game like that in that condition, so we enjoy it very much.» The initiative started in February by Rostov fans as they welcomed English soccer supporters with warm blankets ahead of the Europa League match between Manchester United and FC Rostov.
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