Gaza's only grand piano plays again after surviving airstrike, wars, and ownership dispute

The largest grand piano in the Gaza Strip was seen being played by pianists again on Monday, after surviving local conflicts, ownership disputes, and undergoing restoration. Donated by the Japanese government in 1998 following temporary peace deals between Palestine and Israel, the instrument was placed in one of Gaza's theatres inside al-Nawras resort, where concerts and festivals were held... Еще. The theatre was closed after militant group Hamas took control of the area in 2007, leaving the instrument untouched until an Israeli aistrike hit the al-Nawras resort seven years later. Despite surviving the attack, the piano was left unplayable and underwent restoration until its first public appearance in 2018. After a long dispute between al-Nawras resort's owner and the Palestinian Ministry of Culture, the instrument was eventually placed at Edward Said Conservatory of Music in West Gaza City.

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