Funding Misery: Argentina Vs. The IMF

When you think of Argentina, the first thing that might come to your mind is Tango, Eva Peron, or even football. But since the election of former businessman Mauricio Macri in 2015, the country has spiralled into a deep economic crisis. Victoria Montenegro, an opposition legislator in Buenos Aires for former president Cristina Kirchner's party, told us: «Today, the reality of our country is that... Еще our elderly can't buy medicines even though they have worked and contributed throughout their lives. Our young people can't get jobs, the public university is out of reach. There have been major reversals in the rights that we had acquired as a society.» redfish travelled to Argentina to hear about the human costs of Macri's policies and how the US government's close relationship with him and a $57 billion dollar bailout from the IMF have severely affected Macri's popularity on the eve of October 2019 presidential elections. This documentary explores the importance of Macri for the US, how ordinary Argentinians are resisting Washington's plans for the country, and how a defeat for Macri would remove a key pillar of the US government-supported right-wing resurgence in Latin America. Economist Ricardo Aronskind pointed out the similarities between Macri and Donald Trump, saying: «They are both businessmen, both right-wing men, and for the US it's really important to have a government in Argentina that is totally addicted to the US. The axis of Macri in Argentina and Bolsonaro in Brazil is of two large, pro-US Latin American governments that are willing to do whatever the US asks.» Nora Cortinas lost her son to government violence during the country's military dictatorship. She has since become a co-founder of Madres de Plaza de Mayo, which seeks justice for families of those who have disappeared. She said of the current situation in the country: «We have economic policies today that began during the dictatorship with massive foreign debt. The money loaned by the IMF was used to build detention and torture centres, to give bonuses to officials who tortured, murdered and stole babies.» English and Spanish subtitles are available upon request from Ruptly's Client Desk (

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