Frozen in time: Pristine Soviet legend goes up for sale in Barnaul

A 1987 ZAZ-968M Zaporozhets car that looks like it has just rolled off the factory floor has gone up for sale in Barnaul, as shown in footage shot on Friday. The vehicle has only had one owner, who only drove it during the summer months, and has only 17,500km (10,873 miles) on the clock. Under the bonnet, the car boasts a 1.2 liter engine, generating an impressive 40 brake horse power, more than... Еще enough to conquer any slight incline. “The vehicle is in its original condition. Not a single component has been replaced, the upholstery hasn’t been changed, nothing has been done to the engine, it even has its original tires, the plates are from ’87,”Deluxe Auto Manager Ilya Travkov said. However, with a price tag of 500,000 rubles (7,100 euros; $8847), you’d have to be a huge fan of tiny, underpowered Soviet cars to buy it. In the unlikely event that the car sells for that amount, Travkov plans to donate most of the proceeds to a local orphanage.

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