From Spanish to Iraqi cuisine — Serbian restaurant serves food from countries not recognising Kosovo

A restaurant in central Belgrade only serves food from countries that do not recognise Kosovo's independence, as footage filmed on Friday shows. Named after one of the characters from the Russian novel 'How the Steel Was Tempered', Pavle Korcagin serves food from 52 countries whose governments stood by Serbia and Kosovo unity. Restaurant owner Pavle Korcagin explained that there are «exactly... Еще 52 countries and there are 52 weeks in a year, each Sunday we represent a dish from another country and introduce our guests to it, which they wouldn't be able to find anywhere else in Belgrade.» The unique idea means that there are a wide variety of dishes on offer, including Jamaican, Spanish and Israeli. Cucic explained that the restaurant did not serve Montenegro cuisine, but «since they are our brother nation that is currently occupied by a wrong power, we believe they will convert regardless». «People have been positive about this and are surprised to see that we are still supporting Montenegro here,» added Cucic. The spirit of the old times is still strong here, as the restaurant is extensively decorated with photos, attributes and maps of the former communist Yugoslavia.

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