From «bad» haircut to Guinness World Record: Argentinian teen becomes real-life Rapunzel

New Guinness World Record-holder for the longest hair on a teenager, April Lorenzatti flaunted her ankle-length locks on Saturday. The 17-year-old let down her luscious 1.52-metres-long (4.99 ft) hair as she showed it off around her home town of Villa Carlos Paz. Lorenzatti explained that she hasn't cut her hair since age seven, after a bad haircut experience. «I wanted to make Matilda's haircut... Еще from the movie,» she recounts, «the next day I did not like it because I had made a very big change...Since then I said I do not cut my hair anymore.» Hailing from a small town in the province of Cordoba, Lorenzatti has started catching the attention of handful of tourists. «In the street they usually stop me to ask questions like how long I haven't cut my hair, if I plan to cut it off, if it's a promise and things like that, I also get called Rapunzel sometimes or hear 'Rapunzel, let down your hair',» she said. After growing used to all the attention, the one thing she still can't handle is windy conditions. «It can make my hair uncontrollable and so I have to wear them in a braid. Because if I don't I have many knots that are difficult to remove.»

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