French artist begins one week stay INSIDE enlarged Lion Man statue

Accustomed to extreme performances, French artist Abraham Poincheval locked himself for a week inside a wooden statue in the commune of Aurignac on Saturday. The Lion Man statue is a life-size replica of a 32,000-year-old prehistoric statuette. Poincheval intends to remain inside the statue for a week. The replica of the statuette is hollow inside and includes a store of dried fruits and water... Еще for the artist, and forces him to adopt a semi-standing position. The artist's idea is to bridge together contemporary and prehistoric art. Abraham Poincheval doesn't shy away from extreme experiences, having already ridden the river Rhone in a giant bottle and spent a week inside a rock. Once Poincheval finishes his latest challenge, the sculpture of the Lion Man will remain on the spot in the garden of the Aurignacien Forum Museum.

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