France: Z.A.D. inhabitants defiant in face of eviction threats

Members of the alternative 'Zone a Defendre' (Z.A.D./Zone to Defend), near the Loire village of Notre-Dame-Des-Landes, reacted on Tuesday to yet another plan to evict them from the land that they have been occupying since 2009. The group originally established the community to protest the building of an airport in the area. While the plans for this airport were abandoned in February 2018, many... Еще members of the community still seek to remain and continue their communal living project. One Z.A.D. member, Vincent, said that the group's protest extends far beyond the building of an airport. «It is now to prove that they can do things differently; that they can construct things differently; doing culture differently and making different social relations. And this is more interesting than the initial struggle against the airport.» The so-called «winter truce» (treve hivernale) concluded on March 31, which now means that the community is, once again, under imminent threat of expulsion by the local authorities. However, some members of Z.A.D commented that, despite an increased likelihood of eviction in the summer months, they will insist on continuing to live in the region and grow the community. Nantes citizens also shared their views on the issue. «I think it's a bit too much, a bit too punitive, to send some thousand gendarmes for 40 or 50 people, who want to stay in the Z.A.D. It's quite disproportionate,» one local resident said.

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