France: Yellow Vests take to the streets of Paris for 63rd straight weekend

Yellow Vests took to the streets of Paris on Saturday, in what constitutes the 63rd consecutive weekend of protests. Polices forces were seen flanking the protesters during their march, a configuration that some deplored. «The demonstrators are trapped, it looks like an open-air prison. Even prisoners are treated better. They cannot even demonstrate normally. Here the right to demonstrate is... Еще violated. It is not a real protest. They are surrounded from everywhere,» said Yellow Vest Francine. «It's been 14 months that we have been prisoners, from the departure to the arrival, we are surrounded. Is that normal?» said another protester. Since the beginning of the protests last November, tens of thousands have joined demonstrations across France over a variety of grievances, ranging from the rise in fuel prices to income inequality. The rallies then turned into a wider movement against French President Emmanuel Macron's policies, including his planned pension reform.

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