France: Yellow Vests take to the streets of Paris for 54th weekend

Yellow Vests marched in Paris on Saturday for the 54th consecutive weekend of protests. The protesters were seen with a banner depicting a bleeding eye, which read «how many more do you need,» perhaps as a reference to Yellow Vest Manuel C. who was blinded in one eye last week, by a projectile allegedly fired by the police. Chris, one of the protesters, said «we are still on the street because... Еще Mr. Emmanuel Macron still has not responded to our demands, that's why we are on the street. He only gave us breadcrumbs for now. That's why we're still on the street, that we will continue the fight and will go until the end, until he responds to our demands.» A Yellow Vest named Adrien was seen holding a Hong Kong flag during the march. He explained that it is «is an homage to Hong Kong's 'frontliners', those who are leading a revolution in universities. Some were shot dead, so it's a small homage to them.» Since the beginning of the protests last November, tens of thousands have joined demonstrations across France over a variety of grievances, ranging from the rise in fuel prices to income inequality. The rallies then turned into a wider movement against Macron's policies.

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