France: Yellow Vests protest Macron’s pension reform in Paris

In what is being deemed 'Act 69' of the yellow vest protest movement, protesters once again took to the streets in Paris. In response to French President Emmanuel Macron finally pushing through his controversial pension reform plan, disgruntled protesters hit the streets to voice their concerns on their future working life and social safeguards. «I just lost my permanent contract and my job... Еще because I asked the boss to pay me for my overtime hours and my mutual [health] insurance, and three days after I had my letter and I was fired. This is what the 'Macronie' is and that is what I have been fighting for for 15 months. Here I am a nervous citizen who finds himself unemployed at 56 years old,» said Victor, a protester donning a yellow vest. «They are asking us to work longer, they want us to contribute to obscure pension funds, all to replenish the funds, to rescue the German bank that is about to fall over. There are conflicts of interest in all levels of government. They are scoundrels, a few crooks, garbage. I hope they all die. I hope all that they will catch Coronavirus and that they will die,» said another demonstrator. Yellow vest protests have been a near-constant part of life in Paris and other parts of France since they first erupted well over a year ago. Macron’s pension reforms later breathed new life into the protests.

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