France: 'Yellow Vests' flood Parisian suburb

'Yellow Vests' demonstrators took to the Paris suburb of Seine-Saint-Denis on Saturday, as the movement entered its 30th week. The previous 'Yellow Vests' gathering in the French department of Seine-Saint-Denis had taken place seven months ago. 'Yellow Vest' Cedric Lamarcel explained that «it's about not always doing the same thing. And then in the suburbs, I think it comes spontaneously from a... Еще guy who lives there, simply, and who said to himself 'Why would we always go to Paris?'. As for me, why am I coming, because the idea is to give a hand to the suburbs.» Catherine, another protester, expressed a similar sentiment by saying that she is present «to show people from suburbs that we are here, that a lot of things were hidden form us, a lot of propaganda, media censorship for many years. Divide and rule. So we're here to show that we are all in solidarity and it's all together that we'll succeed in changing our future.» Most part of the manifestation was reportedly peaceful, although clashes erupted in Drancy, a commune of Seine-Saint-Denis, where the police deployed teargas against the protesters. The 'Yellow Vests' movement, which emerged last November over fuel taxes and income inequality, has been shaking France for thirty weeks.

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