France: Yellow Vests and unions hit the streets over pension reforms

Thousands of protesters hit the streets of Paris on Saturday, as Yellow Vests joined forces with unions against planned pension reforms. «We move forward together,» said Thitouan, one of the demonstrators, praising the cooperation between unions and Yellow Vests. «There is a great unity that is being created, day after day, every day, for all the action.» Sharing a similar sentiment, Yves... Еще, another protester, said «we are more united, there is convergence and we are going, probably, even surely, towards future successes if the mobilisation continues, spreads, and grows.» Yellow Vest protester, Khaled, said however that the movement «will go further» than protesting against the planned pension reforms. «We will not stop just with the pensions, we want to change the system.» On December 11, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced a two-year-extension of the working period necessary to be assigned a full pension, triggering the anger of workers and trade unions. The reform will see many workers retire at 64 rather than the current 62 to earn their full pension. Talks between the government and unions are set to resume on January 7.

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