France: 'Yellow vest' protesters explain their motives ahead of Saturday rallies

As 'Yellow vest' protesters gathered on Champs Elysees Avenue of Paris in preparation of Saturday's mass rally 'All to the Elysee', some offered their thoughts and motives behind the nation-wide protests. «Our policy is not right. Our deputies don't represent us. We don't like the minimum wage. We are already at the minimum,» said one protester. «Yellow vests are here in support of an idea... Еще. The whole nation is one. The whole of France is here. There is no difference between us. They are imposing taxes, taxes, taxes. And it can't be like that anymore,» another protester said. Friday protests later took a violent turn as police clashed with protesters, deploying tear gas and arresting several in the process. The Yellow Vest movement emerged last month after French President Emmanuel Macron announced hikes in fuel taxes to encourage a transition towards greener energy. The French government have now suspended the prices hikes but protests continue nevertheless.

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