France: 'World is coming our way' — Bannon addresses National Front in Lille

Former White House aide Steve Bannon joined the leader of the French National Front Marine Le Pen to address the 16th National Front Congress in French city of Lille on Saturday. When speaking at the congress Bannon stated that it's «not about left versus right» claiming this was too simplistic, and that «it's the way the opposition party media has always kept us out of power.» Speaking at a... Еще press conference later, Marine Le Pen stated «it is the whole world which is faced with this gulf between the nationals and the globalists. This division is crossing the world and it is this that will provoke the recomposition of world politics.» Bannon also stated he «couldn't be more enthusiastic about what's happening in France» and that «the world is coming our way.» Bannon also praised the result of the recent Italian election as a victory for populism.

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