France: Witnesses recount moments of Paris gas explosion

SOT, Reporter (English): «How are you feeling right now? You are on holiday in Paris and you found yourself sat on the street rather than, perhaps, continuing your holiday.» SOT, Witness (English): «A bit shaken. All our belongings are still inside. We've just come out into the street. The language barrier is a bit of an issue, so we had to find a policeman that spoke a bit of English and told... Еще us where to go. So now we're just sitting on the street waiting for our next instructions.» SOT, Reporter (English): «How about you?» SOT, Witness (English): «I'm not afraid. This is weird because we didn't expect that at all, but we know it's just an accident, so it's OK. We did not expect that. Once the explosion just came out. We were just like 'Is that true? Is that real?' We thought it was not near. We thought it was far away because we know how it can be strong. But no, we're not afraid. It was just weird.» Witnesses of a Paris gas explosion recall the moment of the accident as shown in footage filmed on Saturday. One of the witnesses said that her family was asleep when «the building started to shake» and they «heard smashing glass.» She went on to say that «about 15 minutes later there was a police» that informed about the explosion and evacuated people. «That's what happened to us,» she concluded. Another witness said that she «heard some people screaming,» adding «people living in our flat came and knocked to say that we have to get out.» A powerful explosion rocked central Paris on Saturday morning, leaving two firefighters dead and at least 37 people injured, police say. According to initial reports, the blast was triggered by a gas leak and went off in a bakery on the Rue de Trevise in the 9th Arrondissement.

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