France: 'We have many questions' — Calais residents reflect on Brexit

The first day of Brexit began calmly and without obvious change at the Channel Tunnel and in the town of Calais on Saturday. Inhabitants of the port city give their opinion about how the UK's departure might affect the local economy and society. «It is a great point of questioning for us, especially in Calais, because we have an important exchange with England and a common tradition, because... Еще Calais has been English for a good part of our history, so this makes us sad and it is a disappointment,» said Franck Dhoquois. «We have many questions, especially in relation to young people who are going to study in England, professionals, fishermen ... Many questions,» he added. Calais residents were divided on the issue of whether the area needed more police numbers in the wake of Brexit. «Madame [Mayor of Calais Natacha] Bouchart is right to request police reinforcements, because there is an aggravation of the situation with migrants in Calais, because they prevent the passage of trucks and that is very annoying, and damages trade,» said Christian Duval. Dhoquois however said that the police have more important matters to deal with. «I think we don't need more police, because they already have important missions to deal with. I think we don't need them to act in our current situation,» he stated.

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