France: 'We believe that Jerusalem shall become capital of two states' — Mogherini

EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini reaffirmed the position of the European Union, saying that «we believe that Jerusalem shall become the capital of two states; West Jerusalem for the State of Israel, East Jerusalem for the State of Palestine.» She was speaking at the plenary session of European Parliament in Strasbourg, Tuesday. She underlined that both states should keep the borders... Еще according to the Oslo accords and underlined that «there is no realistic alternative to two states.» «We are determined to play an even more active role and first of all to provide the first political horizon for the two-state solution,» continued Mogherini and added that the European Union would keep working with «with both parties, with the Middle East quartet, which means together with the United States, Russia and United Nations.» Mogherini called to unite and re-join forces as «this is not an easy conflict to solve and we need the relevant players to be engaged'.

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