France: 'We are not intimidated' — EP President Tajani on Strasbourg attack

Journalist (Italian): «What are the last reports that you are aware of?» Antonio Tajani, President of European Parliament (Italian): «There is more than one dead and more than 10 wounded. We don't know the nationalities. We don't know who they were, there are no MPs or assistants involved.» Journalist (Italian): «A city that is a symbol of Europe has been hit, in a country that is currently... Еще at the centre of attention due to protests in the last few days.» Antonio Tajani, President of European Parliament (Italian): «Of course there is a concurrence of events and situations that have put Strasbourg at the centre of attention and evidently they wanted to give a signal to instill fear in the West and instill fear in Europe. We won't let ourselves be intimidated.» Journalist (Italian): «Is anything known about who did the shooting?» Antonio Tajani, President of European Parliament (Italian): «There is an identikit. If the identikit corresponds to who did the shooting, we are talking about a North African. But we have to see then if it corresponds to the truth.» The European Parliament building was sealed off in Strasbourg on Tuesday evening following a shooting that reportedly left four people dead and at least 11 others injured near the city's Christmas market. «The European Parliament reacts with strength in front of the violence of terrorists. This to show that we are not intimidated, that we don't bow our head down, we don't allow those who want to disrupt the democratic order, to hit freedom and hit Europe during the Christmas holidays to instill fear in us,» European Parliament president Antonio Tajani said. «We will have to strengthen the collaborative action between all police, all juridical organisations and give life, in my opinion, to a sort of European FBI that could give a breakthrough in the cooperation of different EU member states against terrorism,» Tajani added. The attacker reportedly opened fire at around 20:00 CEST (19:00 GMT) and the city centre has been put on lockdown, with residents advised to stay home. The gunman was reportedly already on a French government watch list for individuals considered to pose a serious threat to national security. A terror investigation has been opened by a local prosecutor. The European Parliament building in the city has been sealed off, with no one allowed in or out. Strasbourg's Christmas Market is one of the oldest in the world, dating back to 1570, and attracts millions of visitors to the city which lies close to France's eastern border with Germany.

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