France: Volunteers distribute free Iftar in Paris for Ramadan amid COVID-19 crisis

Volunteers set up a food aid distribution centre trough Parisian Montfermeil Mosque to show solidarity with those in need by offering free Iftar to break fast as coronavirus impacts Ramadan, as seen on Friday. «People are coming every day, every day we have new people coming and asking for help because they can't feed themselves anymore. To our great surprise and pleasure, there are many people... Еще who are not Muslims because all the people who need to eat come here,» said Muslims of Montfermeil religious association vice president Farid Kachour. The food is distributed by volunteers wearing protective clothing such as mouth masks, face shield and gloves as people needing food donations queue and are able to keep security distance by following street cones measuring out where people should stand. The concept was inspired by take-away sales in fast-food restaurants. Every evening, 120 meals are distributed free of charge and «without contact» between the beneficiaries and the members of the religious association. «People are afraid to end up on the street because they no longer have any resources: they can't pay their bills or buy food. In 2020, in a developed country like France, this is something incomprehensible to us. Evidently France is a rich country, but then it means that wealth is badly distributed,» added Kachour. The team of Grec de la Poste restaurant is providing cooked food such as lamb for around 120 to 130 people daily, with owner Moustafa saying he plans to continue this initiative into the coming years. Unlike in previous years, praying in mosques or meeting relatives and friends for large Iftar meals at dusk to break fast together have been prohibited by the authorities throughout the world in order to prevent further outbreak of the deadly coronavirus.

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