France: Violence erupts as protest tries to stop Muslims praying outdoors

Tensions flared on Friday after a French mayor led a protest march in a Paris suburb to demand local Muslims stop praying outdoors. Remi Muzeau, the right wing mayor of Clichy in the northwest quadrant of Paris, was joined by dozens of politicians and protesters demanding around 200 Muslims stop praying in the street. Police had to keep the two sides separated as violence erupted as the... Еще protesters tried to stop people from praying outside. Protesters sang the French national anthem and held anti-Muslim banners. The mayor of Clichy told reporters, «I have today to ensure the safety and freedom of people in my city, and I will do it» Laurence Taillade, President of political group Force Laique, explained, «We are at the origin of the first mobilisation against these street prayers… We realise today that the elected officials have done nothing.”

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