France: Vegan activists stage rally outside butcher shop

Local (French): «You are not going to convince me.» Vegan Impact spokesperson (French): «Well, I tried at least.» Local (French): «That’s good. Have a nice day.» Vegan Impact spokesperson (French): «Have a nice day Sir.» Around 20 protesters staged a demonstration condemning the consumption of animal products outside a butcher shop in Marseille on Saturday. People gathered in front of... Еще the Sambuc butcher shop with placards depicting slaughtered and suffering animals, reading «Imprisonment, dismemberment, all that for ending in ham!» and «A life of misery for her eggs and her meat.» A Vegan Impact movement spokesperson stressed that animals are «not meat, they are dead bodies, they are victims,» and tried to convince passing pedestrians to stop eating meat.

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