France: University blocked off by camping migrants

The University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne closed off access to several of its buildings on campus 'until further notice' due to migrants camping on the site, Monday. Several families from all over the world, including children, are staying in tents near the Croix Rouge campus . Professor Philippe Cuisset said he would be pressuring authorities into helping and relocating the migrants. «I am... Еще protesting for the migrants who are threatened with deportation,» said Cuisset. «So we are now on Reims' Croix Rouge University's campus to try to influence the authorities so that they rehouse these families who are in the cold, in need of everything for months. Families from everywhere; Armenian, Angolan, Albanian, Ethiopian, Chechens.»
Все видео новости темы Европа vs Мигранты. Тяжёлый путь.

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