France: Unbowed France head Melenchon says armed police raided home

The leader of left-wing party La France Insoumise ('Unbowed France') Jean-Luc Melenchon said that «visibly armed» police officers raided his house, as she spoke to journalists in Paris on Tuesday morning. «They cut my phone line and took it, it's not unusable. I had the time to send a message,» Melenchon said recounting the moment of the raid, which he says took place on Monday. He added that... Еще he would not have opened if he knew that «they were conducting the same operation at seven or eight» of his friends' houses. According to the spokesperson of the party Alexis Corbiere, «documents have disappeared» from the Paris offices and officers harassed party member Manuel Bombard. Melenchon broadcasted the entire raid operation live as it was taking place, including other locations such as the party's HQ. He then accused the French President Emmanuel Macron of «doing something dishonest, rotten and twisted.» The French anti-corruption office (OCLCIFF) is reportedly investigating La France Insoumise for allegedly paying party assistants with money from the European Parliament.

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