France: Trump and Macron share 'same objective' on Iran

US President Donald Trump and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron claimed that their positions on Iran coincide in terms of objectives they have, speaking in Cean, as the two leaders had talks on the sideline of the celebrations for 75th anniversary of the D-Day, on Thursday. «Well, I don't think we have differences over Iran. I don't think that the president wants to see nuclear weapons and... Еще neither do I. And that's what it's all about. He doesn't want to see them having nuclear weapons,» stressed Trump. Macron added that their main objectives on Iran and in the region in this respect are the same: certainty, reduction of ballistic activity, regional stability and peace in the region. «In order to build that you need to start a negotiation. And I think the word pronounced by President Trump is that they are very important. We need to open a new negotiation in order to build and to get these four objectives,» stressed Macron.

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