France: Thousands rally for return of ETA prisoners to Basque country

Thousands rallied in Paris on Saturday to demand better conditions and the return of the 62 political prisoners from the Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA) separatist group to the Basque Country to be closer to their families. The protesters held banners and demanded the French state to bring the 62 detainees closer to home and allow the conditional release of those who are severely ill. «It's their... Еще families that have to travel every weekend, sometimes for 1,000 kilometres, in order to see their relatives» mentioned Sibile, a Basque protester, regarding the difficulties the prisoners families face. Another protester, Muriel Lucanis, said «there is an extreme situation that needs to be resolved urgently, the situation of the prisoners that are gravely ill, for which the French state and the Spanish state refuse their conditional release». The political prisoners have been detained for terror-related crimes and are held in prisons in France, thus forcing their families to travel many miles in order to see them. The ETA was unilaterally disarmed back in April when they handed all their remaining weapons over to France.

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