France: Thousands bid farewell to 'French music deity' Charles Aznavour

«My gradfather is from Armenia, a survivor like Charles. A few years ago we went to Armenia, in 2015, and we found Charles Aznavour there, he was at a hotel next to ours. «Yes [we met him], we took pictures with him, but I froze in front of him.» Thousands gathered at Les Invalides in Paris on Friday, to bid their farewells to French singer Charles Aznavour, the son of Armenian migrants, who... Еще re-shaped the popular conception of 'variete' music alongside artists like Edith Piaf. The 94-year-old Aznavour who was still active touring around the world, died this week after completing more than 70 years in the service of French popular music. «Today we are paying tribute to a person who was part of our country’s heart for years! Who presented the image of our country to all over the world,» said French singer Francis Lalanne. For French citizens with Armenian origins, Aznavour was «the one who brought to light our little country, Armenia,» said Marie Michaelian. Marie and her mother Lutcina recounted with emotion their trip to Armenia back in 2015 when they discovered Aznavour was staying in a hotel next to theirs. «Yes [we met him], we took pictures with him, but I froze in front of him,» said Lutcina. Charles Aznavour started performing during the 40s in Paris and became known for his poetic lyrics and deep tenor-like voice. He wrote songs and collaborated with several icons of the time including Edith Piaf and Fred Astaire.

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