France: 'They think we are fools' — French workers union decry Macron law changes

Protesters marched through Paris, Tuesday, in the largest of numerous rallies being held across the nation against French President Emmanuel Macron's planned labour law reforms. Jeff, a member of the General Confederation of Labour, stated «The decision of the Government is very easy to understand. His (Macron's) Government, like the precedent, is trying to revoke all the rights of the workers... Еще always in order to advantage the rich at the expense of the labour market.» The planned reforms have caused outrage among French labour unions, as Macron seeks to make it easier for small and medium sized companies to hire and fire workers, as well as granting them further powers over pay and working conditions. France has historically been proud of its strict labour code, which was seen to be protecting employees' rights, while companies have argued that the code has impeded economic growth and affected investment and job creation.


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