France: 'They are particularly violent' — Police rep. on alleged migrant crimes

Gilles Deboves, a Representative of the SGP Police Union, recounted details on Saturday, of a reported attack on French policemen by dozens migrants that occurred in Calais on Friday. «Unfortunately, the same things happen often recently. In fact, the migrants came to our colleagues present during a food distribution and surrounded them and assaulted them. They were about 50 people and they... Еще began to throw stones. They had wooden sticks and they encircled them and wounded two colleagues. They are particularly violent,» Deboves claimed. Deboves also added that alcohol played a role, stating «tension is becoming stronger since a few months. It's not the first time that migrants attacked policemen with metal sticks, stones. It happens often. They drink a lot.» Deboves added that when they approach the migrants, they speak the Kunama language, for which the police do not have a translator and had to let them go.

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