France: «There will be total anarchy» — Hundreds decry Macron's Labour reform

French Trade Unionists gathered in Paris' Opera Square on Wednesday, to demonstrate against French President Emmanuel Macron's planned labour and tax reforms. Hundreds of protesters brandished red smoke canisters as they marched to the Ministry of Labour, carrying flags and banners. Protesters claim that the cuts implemented by Macron's reforms of the labour market, will hurt the commerce and... Еще services sector workers. «It is a total violation of the labour code and we consider these reforms dangerous”, said trade union (CGT) representative Yanick. «The government is cutting the branch it is sitting on. Tomorrow there will be nothing to return to the state treasury, and there will be a total anarchy», he added. Another protester and Casino Group employee, Benato, added, «In 10 to 15 years some big brands like mine will have reduced their staff by half, which leads to deplorable working conditions.» Macron's planned reforms met intense opposition from workers' unions, students and pensioners in the past weeks. The French President defended his programme as 'necessary' to encourage economic growth.


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