France: There is democratic hope — Corsican politicians comment after initial election success

Politicians from the nationalist «Pe a Corsica» (Pe a Corsica) party commented on their hopes for the future of the French island after their coalition won an early success in the first round of the Corsican territorial elections. Pe a Corsica leader Gilles Simeoni spoke of a great hope amongst the Corsican people who, he said, «finally want to be recognised». «We want to build Corsica, we... Еще want a real political solution, we want to open a dialogue with the government and with the state,» he went on to say. On the topic of possible independence for the region, Pe a Corsica politician and Corsican nationalist Jean-Guy Talamoni commented that if the majority of the island's citizens want independence, «who has the right to stop it?». He concluded that independence would happen «the day the Corsican people wish for it». The Pe a Corsica coalition won 45.36 per cent of the votes in the first round of the territorial elections, followed by the regionalist right-wing party of Jean-Martin Mondoloni «A Strada di L'Avvene», which obtained 14.97 per cent. Valerie Bozzi's «Voir Plus Grand» party came in third with 12.77 per cent of the vote.

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