France: Tensions continue in Paris suburbs for 4th night in a row over teen's death

Riot police clashed with protesters for a fourth night in the Paris suburb of Argenteuil over the death of 18-year-old Sabri Choubi in a motorbike accident last week. Residents have blamed the police for Choubi's death, which is the second incident involving the police and a motorbike within a month. Riot police officers ran amongst fireworks let off by protesters, searched housing estates and... Еще conducted stop and search operations on residents in the early hours of Thursday. Relatives of Choubi refused the possibility that the young man would have lost control while driving his motorbike in a poorly lit narrow street and stated his death was caused by a collision with a police car. However, according to local reports, the prosecutor's department said that the initial findings did not show Choubi's motorcycle had been in a collision with a police car. The family have launched a complaint through lawyers, hoping the circumstances of Choubi's death will be further investigated.

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