France: Teachers and researchers take to Paris streets over labour rights

Several thousand teachers and researchers gathered in Paris from all across France on Thursday to protest for improved labour conditions amid what they describe as precarious employment conditions. «Starting today, universities and research laboratories are going on strike, we are stopping everything. We are worried about our future, both in terms of employment because there is more and more... Еще poverty and the government is not creating jobs but rather new precarious contracts. Then, in terms of credits allocated to research, we are told that there will be money but it is only contractual research which means more poverty,» said Jean, a researcher at CGT, a national French trade union centre. Charlelie, an architect teacher, explained that he has been working for eight years as a contractual teacher thus accumulating several short-term work contracts. He added that people in his situation «have no status» and «no right to employment benefits» before going on to say: «we are paid per number of hours but that does not correspond to the workload we actually do.»

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