France: Senate committee recommends perjury prosecution for Benalla

A French Senate committee investigating President Emmanuel Macron's former security aide Alexandre Benalla recommended he be prosecuted for perjury in Paris on Wednesday. Committee head Philippe Bas said that they were advising the Senate's president to refer the case to the prosecutor's office as they believed there was evidence of «Mr. Benalla lying under oath.» Bas said the recommendation... Еще was also based on «contradictions appearing between the first statements of close collaborators of the President of the Republic about Mr. Benalla's role in terms of security and the elements and testimonies collected later on.» After listing an extensive list of problematic issues surrounding Benalla that had been uncovered in the committee's seven month investigation, Bas claimed that «the events of May 1st now appear to be the tip of the iceberg.» Alexandre Benalla, 26, was the head of security for the president's engagements. On May 1, during clashes between the police and protesters in Paris, a man was recorded grabbing a woman by the neck and charging her down the street. Shortly afterwards, the same man returned and was seen attacking another protester. The person in question has been identified as Benalla. Benalla was fired from his position after the video went public. He was detained and taken into police custody, where he faces charges of assault and impersonating a police officer. The Macron's administrations handling of the affair has come under increasingly severe scrutiny as further issues with Benalla's employment have come to light.

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