France: Sarkozy endorses former justice minister Rachida Dati for Paris mayor

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy endorsed his former Justice Minister Rachida Dati at a campaign event at the iconic Salle Gaveau on Monday night. Rachida Dati, the 54-year-old bricklayer's daughter who was shot into the limelight when she was appointed as Nicolas Sarkozy's justice minister in 2007, is currently head-to-head in the polls with socialist Anne Hidalgo in Paris's upcoming all... Еще-female mayoral election which begins on Sunday, March 15th. «I remember in 2002 when we met and she returned to my office, that she had this strength, this will, this energy, I have always, always been able to count on her. Today you can count on me,» said Sarkozy, unequivocally endorsing his former employee. «She, she has energy, I will tell you one thing, Rachida, she will make a mayor of which Parisians can be proud, and I am proud to be the friend and the support of Rachida Dati,» Sarkozy, who received massive applause throughout the night, went on to say. Dati, who is the conservative candidate for mayor, said of her campaign: «If I am mayor of Paris I will be a mayor under the orders of nobody, I will be a mayor in the only service of Paris and Parisians, I will take care of everything that may have consequences for life in Paris for the present as for the future.» The Council of Paris will elect the mayor over three rounds of voting, with the winner needing an overall majority in the first two rounds, and a relative majority in the final round.


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