France: Russian artist and girlfriend investigated after leaked sex video ousts Paris mayoral candidate

Russian artist and political activist Petr Pavlensky was released from custody and placed under judicial supervision in Paris on Tuesday, after being arrested over leaking a sex video of Paris mayoral candidate Benjamin Griveaux. Pavlensky and his girlfriend Alexandra de Taddeo were detained on Saturday after leaking a sex video of Griveaux, who has since withdrawn from the race to administer... Еще the French capital. Griveaux was the candidate of French President Emmanuel Macron's Republic on The Move (LREM) party. Speaking to the press, Pavlensky's former lawyer Juan Branco said the defendant believed «to be in a political procedure.» «Elements have been introduced to the case in an attempt to keep me away from defending him,» Branco said. Branco, who had previously represented Pavlensky, advised his client to choose a new legal representative, Yassine Bouzrou, who could better represent his interests in the current context. De Taddeo was released from custody on Tuesday, as confirmed by her lawyer, Noemi Saidi Cottier. The Paris Public Prosecutor's Office opened a judicial investigation against Pavlensky and De Taddeo for «invasion of privacy by recording or transmitting the image of a person of a sexual nature» and «diffusion without the person's consent of a recording of words or images of a sexual nature obtained with his or her consent or by himself or herself.» The leaked video shows a man, allegedly Griveaux, masturbating. Pavlensky made headlines in 2013 when he nailed his scrotum to Moscow's Red Square as a form of political protest. Pavlensky received asylum in France in 2017.


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