France: Russia's CoE representative talks security ahead of World Cup 2018

Russian Permanent Representative to the Council of Europe Ivan Soltanovsky spoke about security measures during the 2018 World Cup, speaking in Strasbourg, Tuesday. Soltanovsky mentioned the importance of sports, which «mobilises people, shows the prospects of an individual» and «unites people». He spoke about the conventions of security at sports events, which he explained have been ratified... Еще this year. Soltanovsky underlined the importance of the signed document, saying that Russia was, «in full preparation for the World Cup next year and this shows our concrete contribution, because it stipulates, this convention our safety measures». «We are ready for taking [safety measures] to provide full security for the spectators who are going to visit our country», concluded Soltanovsky. Following clashes between football fans in Marseille in 2016, Russia was among other 14 European countries, which signed convention, aimed to enhance security at stadiums hosting football matches and other sports event.
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