France: Reconstruction of Peter the Great's Amber Room opens in Paris

Anzhelika Kalinina, Conceiver of books to be presented as gifts for heads of states (Russian): «One can observe the connection with those times, at least through amber.» Anzhelika Kalinina, Conceiver of books as gifts for heads of states (Russian): «In Paris, all events related to Peter the Great [are taking place]. Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin] was here for that reason. It all fit greatly... Еще together because it was the Office of Peter the Great, and it was a smooth and interesting continuation. [Strigo — After Versailles], we were worried if the Office will be finished on time. [We were worried] if it would be ready. We were waiting every day.» Anatoli Strigo, Conceiver of books as gifts for heads of states (Russian): «It was finished just two weeks ago.» A reconstruction of Peter the Great's famed amber office opened at the Parisian residence of Russian Ambassador to France, in the French capital, Friday. The opening ceremony was organised by the Russian Ministry of Culture and was held on the eve of the Days of the European heritage, which kicked off in France on Saturday. Russian Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky and Russian Ambassador to France Alexander Orlov were in attendance of the event. During the opening ceremony, it was noted that amber has long been used for the creation of diplomatic gifts, with the Amber Room being one of such gifts, which became the basis for the Amber Room. The event was also devoted to the books, especially made by Russian masters as gifts for heads of foreign states on behalf of the Russian president. The idea for the books was conceived by Anatoly Strigo and Anjelica Kalinina. First built for King Frederick Wilhelm the First of Prussia's palace in Berlin, the Amber Room was presented to Peter the Great by his Prussian allies, in 1716, as part of securing their alliance against Sweden in the Great Northern War. Under the reign of Empress Elizabeth, the Amber Room was embellished and the panels were complemented with the Florentine mosaics. Catherine the Great then moved it from St. Petersburg's Winter Palace to her new summer residence in Tsarskoye Selo. During the Second World W, the Amber Room was seized by the Germans and moved to Koenigsberg, the capital of East Prussia, which is presently the Russian city of Kaliningrad.

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