France: Readers react to release of Houellebecq's latest novel in Paris

Readers in a bookstore in Paris gave their reactions to the release of Michel Houellebecq's latest novel, Serotonin, on Friday. Serotonin reportedly focuses on an agricultural engineer's return to life in an impoverished rural France and contains scenes of provincial protesters rising up to block thoroughfares in a manner prescient of the real world actions of France's 'Yellow Vest' movement... Еще. The owner of the bookshop, Colette Kerber, called the novel «exceptional» and added that Houellebecq «is really a very, very, very great writer.» A customer was also full of praise, commenting that «for me he is the best French author. I read everything and generally I buy his books on the first day. I was looking forward to the 4th [of January] and I know I will enjoy myself.» Another reader welcomed the decision by French President Emmanuel Macron to award the 62 year-old author the Legion of Honour, France's highest national honour, on New Years Day.

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