France: Radical ZAD-inspired students occupy the Sorbonne

Students have continued their sit-in protest at the Tolbiac faculty of the Sorbonne University in Paris on Friday, criticising new and selective entry requirements for universities. The President of Paris 1 Sorbonne Georges Haddad has been quoted as saying that the blockade could turn the university into another ‘ZAD’ or Zone to Defend. Director of the Pierre Mendes Centre of Sorbonne... Еще University Florian Michel agreed with Haddad’s assessment of the situation, claiming to «have spotted a certain number of individuals who are former militants of the ZAD of Notre Dame de Landes.» The director was referring to the decade-long occupation of a site in western France earmarked for airport construction. One of the students embraced the label of radicalism among student ranks, stating, «we defend a vision of higher education, so yes it becomes a ZAD.» The sit-in started two weeks ago, with protesters demanding the resignation of French President Emmanuel Macron and the repeal of the new ‘ORE’ law, which allows universities to set entry requirements.

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