France: Purple wave of 49,000 decry sexist and sexual violence

Around 49,000 protesters, as counted by an independent institute, flooded the streets of Paris on Saturday to decry sexist and sexual violence against women, as well as femicides. The march was organised by the feminist movement 'Nous Toutes' (All of us). Protesters with purple signs were marching through the streets, chanting slogans. Banners reading «Not one more» and «Stop femicides» could be... Еще seen. Elisabeth Nicoli, member of Women's Alliance for Democracy (AFD), explained that the number of femicides so far this year totals 137 in France, as counted to November 21. «And what we mean with femicide, is a woman who is killed because she’s a woman. And when we say 137 femicides, we only count femicides that are conjugal, extra-conjugal or women who are in a breakup process, etc. Which already reduces the number, because the number would be higher,» she added. According to the «Femicides by companions or exes» collective, this number represents an average of one femicide every 2.4 days. Member of the Kurdish Democratic Council in France, Berivan Firat, said that «if in a society a woman is violated, her rights are violated, we cannot speak of freedom of society or a society that moves forward, or a society that progresses.» The 'Nous Toutes' grassroots movement started in September 2018 and was inspired by the «Me Too» movement, gathering some 30,000 demonstrators on the first time they took to the streets of Paris.

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