France: Protesters stage fake funeral to mourn French pension system

A group of local artists staged an improvised street performance mimicking a funeral for the French pension system, in the French city of Lyon on Tuesday. Protesting against proposed retirement reforms, the performers improvised a fake funeral for the current pension system. During the performance, the artists carried a cardboard coffin and held banners while they cried and mourned outside Lyon... Еще's Opera House. «The culture and in general all the workers are under attack, their social rights are under attack, our social system that has worked properly for decades is being undermined in favour of the shareholders of CAC40 [French stock market index] firms whose benefits are skyrocketing. And we are fighting against that,” said one of the performers at the fake funeral procession. The nationwide strike against the pension reforms, which started in early December, is one of the biggest to hit the country in years and has been affecting rail, road and air transportation. The action comes days after the government and unions resumed talks on pension reforms.

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