France: Protesters slam police in wake of Tolbiac raid

As many as 400 protesters gathered in front of Tolbiac faculty of the Sorbonne University in Paris on Saturday to slam the police raid that reportedly resulted in serious injuries as student protesters were evacuated from the premises. Both police and the district municipality are denying reports of any injuries, a fact that one student called «outrageous.» «I think that all the people who are... Еще related to this case, for example the medical teams that took care of the victim they must tell to the population, to the students of the University, to everyone,» Secretary general of SUD Syndicate Olivier Youinou said as he launched a call for anyone with information on the injured to come forward. Student activists had occupied the Tolbiac faculty since late March, with protesters demanding the resignation of French President Emmanuel Macron and the repeal of the new 'ORE' law, which allows universities to set entry requirements. Police dispersed the sit in on Friday night.

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