France: Protesters rally against court decision on Sarah Halimi's murder

Hundreds of protesters rallied in Paris on Sunday, to condemn the ruling of a court of appeal on the murderer of Sarah Halimi that came out last month. The court's decision sparked anger, as it ruled that murderer, Kobili Traore, was «not criminally responsible.» Brother of Sarah Halimi, William Attal, addressed the crowd of protesters and called the murder an «anti-Semitic religious crime... Еще.» «He [Kobili Traore] entered the apartment and then he massacred her [Sarah Halimi], with punches, kicks, [kicked her] with the phone for half an hour. He broke all the bones in her face, he smashed her skull, he caused 22 fractures. And then he pulled her to the balcony,» he said. One of the protesters, Chalom, also decried the decision of the court of appeal and said that «if the justice does not want to take care of him, many people in the community will take care of him. It is a statement that we are making.» The 65-year-old Sarah Halimi was murdered in her flat in 2017 by Kobili Traore. Psychiatric assessments made in July 2019 reportedly indicated that he was suffering from a psychotic episode following a massive use of cannabis. The Paris court of appeal, while acknowledging the anti-Semitic nature of the murder, concluded that Traore is «criminally irresponsible,» on December 19, 2019.

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