France: Protesters picket Parisian courthouse as 8 Antifa activists face trial

Dozens gathered at the High Court of Paris, Tuesday, in protest against the trial of eight Anti-fascist activists, who are accused of torching a police car during a rally against police brutality in the French capital during an anti-police brutality protest on 18 May 2016. Protesters showed up outside the trial room, equipped with umbrellas, and demanded to enter the room to assist. «We're going... Еще to let six or seven more people come in,» said the Defence Lawyer, as demonstrators chanted slogans. Speaking of his defendants, Anti-fascist activists’ lawyer said that the Ministry of the Interior «qualifies these people as part of a movement of extreme left, ultra-left, antifascists.» He went on to say, «go ask them, they never defined themselves as such, they simply support [ideas] like millions of people; they ensure the acquisition and the respect of social rights and they are against their destruction.» The trial is set to resume on Wednesday.

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