France: Protesters march through Paris against Macron's labour and tax reforms

French union members and workers gathered in the streets of Paris, Thursday, to demonstrate against President Emmanuel Macron's planned labour and tax reforms. Manager of the French National Trade Union Centre, General Confederation of Labour (CGT), Claude Bultel, who participated in the march, said that the demonstrators «are protesting against the orders of Macron, against the destruction of... Еще the labour code,» adding that «today it is the labour code that governs the law in the company. Tomorrow it will be the boss who will do it, and the labour code will only be a supplement.» French Communist Party (PCF) National Secretary, Pierre Laurent, noted that «there are battles that are being born everywhere to defend the gains and social benefits, and we must continue this battle.» Macron's planned reforms have been met with intense opposition from workers' unions, students and pensioners in the past few weeks. Macron has defended his labour and tax reforms as being necessary to allow for economic growth.


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