France: Protesters in Paris call Macron’s policies «anti-student, anti-youth, anti-wage and anti-social»

Student protesters scuffled with police as French President Emmanuel Macron gave a speech on the European Union at Sorbonne University in Paris, Tuesday. Student protesters criticised Macron’s policies as «anti-student, anti-youth, anti-wage and anti- social», lamenting his decision to hold a meeting with an exclusive audience of «people who have made Erasmus» (the pan-European university... Еще exchange program) rather than average students. «Emmanuel Macron selects his audience. It is only people who have made Erasmus, so his speech on Europe will be therefore intended for a certain audience. While the Bachelor or Master students are excluded from this conference, they do not have right of access to their faculty to see the President of the Republic,” a member of France Insoumis (Defiant France), the left-wing party headed by Jean-Luc Melenchon, said. Macron’s recent reform of France’s labour laws were also a topic of contention at the protest, as “50 percent of students in France work alongside their studies” and are thus “affected by the decline in APL (housing subsidies) by 5 euros per month,” the party member said.


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