France: Protesters detained and injured as 'Yellow Vest' demo turns violent

Police and protesters continued to clash near the Champs Elysees area of Paris on Saturday, with security forces deploying tear gas and detaining several demonstrators. A number of protesters were attended to after receiving injuries during the violence. A group of protesters were also seen kneeling in front of the police with their hands behind their heads, apparently in reference to a student... Еще protest held a day earlier to decry mass arrests at a Mantes-la-Jolie high school. The demonstrators appeared to have reconstructed Thursday's arrests, with dozens of them kneeling with their hands behind their heads in central Paris. Ruptly's footage of the earlier action can be seen here: This is the fourth weekend of 'Yellow Vest' protests, held under the banner 'All to the Elysee.' The police are reportedly preventing protesters from leaving designated areas. The Yellow Vest movement emerged last month after French President Emmanuel Macron announced hikes in fuel taxes to encourage a transition towards greener energy. The French government have now suspended the prices hikes but protests continue nevertheless.

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