France: Protesters condemn bilateral season on Netanyahu's visit to Paris

Protesters marched on Paris' Champs-Elysees on Tuesday to denounce Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to the French capital and to demand boycotting the France-Israel cultural season. Activists called for Netanyahu to be tried as a «war criminal» and also accused French President Emmanuel Macron of being complicit in Netanyahu's «crimes against Palestinians.» «We do not find it... Еще normal in France to welcome a war criminal like that, to pay tribute to a colonialist country, a country that massacres the Palestinian people,» said Abeer, an activist. Netanyahu's is visiting France to rally for France's withdrawal from Iran's nuclear as well as inaugurate the 2018 France-Israel Season, a project set to take place simultaneously in both countries between June to November. The season aims to «show the vitality of the bilateral relationship in the cultural and scientific fields, to mark a new stage in economic relations and to renew the way the French look at Israel and Israelis over the world,» according to the project's brief.

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