France: Prosecutors seek suspended prison sentence for Saudi princess over Paris assault

The trial of Saudi Princess Hussa Bint Salman, daughter of King of Saudi Arabia Salman Ben Abdelaziz, got underway in absentia in a Paris courthouse on Tuesday, with the public prosecutor asking for a six-month suspended prison sentence and 5,000 Euro ($5,601) fine for theft and complicity in violence and kidnapping against a craftsman, Ashraf E, who she suspected of having taken photographs of... Еще her luxury flat in Paris while working there in September 2016. An eight-month suspended sentence and a 5,000 Euro ($5,601) fine was also was requested for the bodyguard of the princess at the time of the incident, Rani S. who allegedly beat the craftsman, threatened him with a gun and kidnapped him for up to 4 hours after being instructed by the princess. Footage from the trial shows Rani S accompanied by one of his sons and his lawyer walking into the court room and then walking out, followed by Emmanuel Moyne, lawyer of the Saudi Princess also leaving with his team. Later speaking to the press, Emmanuel Moyne made further allegations against the plaintiff saying that «Mr. Ashraf Eid tried to save the withdrawal of his complaint against the payment of a sum of 500,000 euros. If that's not trying to make money on the back of Princess Hussa Bint Salman, I do not know how else to say it.» A verdict is expected on September 12.

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